Bee in the Bonnet: What’s With All The Woman Chiefs?

By B.H. Bates

Woman ChiefsIf you’re reading this sentence . . . the title has done its job! And I think I can describe the kind of person you are! Curious, to see if I can? Good, then this paragraph has done its job.

First, you’re one of two types. If the “title” offended you slightly or even made you a little mad; if you answered “yes” to this, I’ll deem you number, “ONE”.

If this “title,” made you grin and want to read on, bless your little ol’ heart, and I’ll call you type “TWO.”

First, type “ONE”, I think you’re a smart, fair minded person. And, as the author of this “title,” I apologize! I’m sorry I had to use such a cheap trick to get you to read this article. But I have a reason, please read on. “TWO”, I hope you are too. Keep on grinning, I’ll get back to you later.

“ONE,” as a fair-minded person, you think, if a woman gets voted into the office of Chief, all the more power to her! Right? You’re a person who has a soft spot for the underdog, the discriminated against. And I’ll just bet you’re the kind of person, which would just love to do something about injustice.

Other traits you might have include – if you love something, (be it a person, pet or cause) you love with all your heart. Which means you know all too well about pain. Right? This pain has made you cautious.

In turn, your decisions are better thought out. But all this inner wisdom has come at a price. Your sense of humor has diminished over the years, as sure as a “Bear does!”

If you didn’t get that (“Bear does”), I’ve proven my point, and you’re definitely a number one. By the way “Bear does,” refers to an old saying . . . “As sure as a bear “CRAPS” in the woods.” (An affirmative) I don’t know where this saying comes from, but other than the bear, who gives a crap? But you’re not totally humorless! Admit it, you couldn’t help but grin a little when you read the word “CRAP.” It’s just one of those funny little words, like “POO, POO” or “TINKLE.”

By now you’re wondering if I’ll ever get around to the issue of “Woman Chiefs.” You want to read something you can disagree with! If you think I’m going to write one word against women being Chief’s, I sense disappointment in your near future. Because, my intent is to provoke thought with my writing – not a fight. And being a type “ONE,” that’s just what you want. Sorry!

Hey, “TWO,” told ya I’d get back to you! So what kind of person are you? I’ll give it a shot. You were clever enough to know what was meant by, “Bear does.” And “CRAP,” had you grinning from ear to ear. And more than likely the word “TINKLE,” had you chuckling out loud. You see humor as a way to let off a little steam, right? You have steam to blow, because you see the realities of the world (according to you). Change is something you’re just not comfortable with. You may or may not say it out loud, but “The good ol’ days,” are something you use to measure today’s issues.

The title (women Chiefs) piqued your interest, because you already had an opinion. More than likely a very strong opinion. You think the issue of women Chiefs is nothing to laugh at, but you do! Again, you use humor as a “safe” way to get across your point of view.

You wish things were the way they used to be, reliable, predictable, and safe. Hell, if you had your way, you’d bring back “Happy Days,” and elect the “FONZ” as Chief. But you have a limited amount of humor, when it comes to the way things are going today. You believe in the wisdom of old time justice. You have a true sense of what’s fair. And you’re willing to back it up! Right? Well, “TWO,” you’re not so different from “ONE.” You both believe strongly in fair play and justice (using your own inner wisdom). Right?

At any point did you think, type “ONE” or “TWO”, was male or female? The truth is, apart from your different sense’s of humor, “ONE” or “TWO”, could be the opinions of either sex. It doesn’t matter if you thought yourself to be a ONE or a TWO! Sorry I had to fool you.

Which brings me to the reason why I wrote such a controversial title as “WHAT’S WITH ALL THE WOMAN CHIEFS?” I wrote it to prove a point . . . It makes no difference if you’re a ONE or a TWO. What should really count is your common sense of justice!

You should vote for a smart, honest person. Someone you trust will represent and protect the interests of the people! The dumbest thing you can do with your vote is, waste it on a popularity contest. The person you elect to Chief should be elected, based on their ability to do the job. Not based on something as silly as, to whether or not they leave the seat up or down!