Squamish Native Stabbed in Park

By Staff Writers

Violence is on the rise in Vancouver. Bus drivers are attacked by young hoods in broad daylight, citizens are beaten in their homes; and now Squamish male Wendll Paull was stabbed to death on Monday September 11. Paull was mentally handicapped and in his cousin Sean’s words was a wonderful person.

”Everybody up and down North Vancouver would know who Wendll was – he was the nicest guy in the world to everybody. Even if he didn’t know you, he’d tell you how much he loved you-he was a bit handicapped. He wouldn’t hurt a fly. That’s why we can’t understand who would do this to our little cousin Wendll Whopper-we used to call him that because he liked his Whoppers at Burger King.”

Wendll’s body was discovered in Mackay Park at 6.30 p.m. and was rushed to the hospital but there was too much blood lost to save him. North Vancouver RCMP questioned people in the park but unfortunately found no clues as to who was responsible for this vicious crime.

”We’ve got some squatters that do utilize that area and we get the occasional call down there to clear people out.”

The victim suffered from fetal alcohol syndrome, he had the mind of a ten year old. “Even though he was 31, he lived a simple life, he’d get up and collect bottles just for smokes and he would have occasional drink of beer. I guess that’s what happened that day. He was on his way home and bumped into whoever did this to him. He had a few drinks of beer at the park and people at that park are pretty vicious when they get together and drink,” Sean told the Vancouver Province.

On Thursday band members gathered in Mackay Park to bring the wandering soul back to earth according to Squamish tradition. “He is walking and dancing on the raindrops. We want to direct him toward the light of the creator, that’s where he’ll find the rainbow that is the highway to heaven where he will be reunited with his ancestors.”

When the ceremony ended helium filled blue balloons were sent towards the sky. Wendll’s Aunt Kathy Carpenter remarked, “All the balloons are going to heaven for Wendll.”

North Vancouver police and the Mayor Darrell Mussatto have vowed that the murderer shall be found and brought to justice.

Would the murderer who committed this heinous crime have acted differently if Wendll was a white male? We will never know the answer until he is apprehended, and the chance of that happening is remote unless the police make this case a priority. They won’t, and all the promises coming from city hall and the police will fade into the next year. Wendll Paull will become another unsolved native murder that will eventually get lost in the cold files.