Bee in the Bonnet: Side Effects May Cause Death

By Bernie Bates

Can you believe what they’re doing in this day and age? There was a time, not that long ago, when the man in the moon was nothing more a nursery rhyme. Today, there are cars with telephones that have video, play music and tell you where to go. Today, there are medical marvels that can speed you up or slow you down with one quick fix. And we take it all for granted, as we ask, “what’s next?”

In this day of wonderment there are pills for the chills, a person’s will and even a blue pill that will give your partner a thrill. Can’t fall asleep? Can’t stay awake? Maybe you’re feeling listless or just plain old bored – simply twist the childproof cap then take a nap and wake up feeling refreshed and alert. But, be warned there’s a price to pay for the wonderful way you feel.

Inside that bottle of medical miracles is a hidden demon waiting for you to uncork the ledger of trial and error. Read carefully the print on the side of the box: may cause hives or drowsiness. Do not operate machinery, drive a car or walk the walk. And if per chance you lose your sight please call 911, maybe even notify your next of kin. But, under no circumstances contact a lawyer’s help.

You’d have thought that the pharmaceutical companies would’ve perfected these wonders of human woe, but, sadly, the answer is apparently no. They go merrily along singing the praises and reaping the winnings at the lose of a few poor souls who didn’t know: “Do not take with alcohol.”

So what’s next on the horizon of this terrific scientific journey that we’re on? Will the day come when all of life’s bumps and lumps become a thing of the past? Will we just grow older and older ‘till all of life has lost it’s zest? But, think of the other side of the coin – the wisdom to be gained, the lessons to be learned over an extended lifetime of study and experience. That’s now, unfortunately, cut short by things like circumstance, pestilence and ignorance.

Will we fly to neighboring stars and spread our wings of knowledge and peace or just prolong our march to war? Science is a two sided sword that cuts both ways, only for the wise to discern. There are those who wield power like you and I command the dog to lay and behave. Some of these masses that condemn mankind for wanting to discover our true place in this universe. They fear the day when we the people will stumble upon a treasure not marked by a gilded cross. And it’s these chosen few who’ll suffer the greatest lose – when we the people discover the inevitable meaning of humanity.

But, back to reality, to a World that counts on dimes, not time. Where the cost of bread determines who lives and who dies. This World where crude oil makes cruel decisions about a child’s need to be fed. Economies of countries are crushed under the rush to be first or worse. Flags are torn, boarders are ignored and all done at the point of a gun. Technologies that where once meant to disarm, deter and dissuade, are now used to quell, capture and conquer. How helpless, how hopeless, how sad it’s all become.

Trust these words, don’t be so damned glum, turn that frown upside down. And if by chance you know someone, who truly gives a crap – then step inside that voters box and beside that name mark an ‘X.’ And who knows … maybe, just maybe we’ll find that someone who’ll bring us hope, change and glory. A person who’ll actually have some effect, that doesn’t cause temporary drowsiness. Technology is a wonderful tool to be used to make every day a discovery. A reason to hop out of bed, stretch and scratch yourself from your head to your ass, then yawn and carry on. You may not have all the money in the World, but you have what counts the most – you have a life to live and love to give.

I truly hope this bit of wit made you feel a little better. In these times of uncertainty remember this: “There is nothing more powerful than a smile, a hug and a kiss!”


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