Bee in the Bonnet: Women and Children First

By Bernie Bates

To quote Forrest Gump: “Stupid is what stupid does.” What the hell does that mean? I think I may have the answer; it’s one idiot following another idiot around a barrel.

We Canucks are amongst the most polite easy going people on the planet. We hold doors open for the next person, we feel the pain of others and smile like imbecilic jerks as we’re herded around by our elected sheep dogs.

Before you know it we’ll be pulling hundred dollar bills from our ass pockets to pay the bills of an elite few. A few fat cats get to ski in champagne powder down to their opulent chalets then feast on prime rib while the rest of us mice pay the tax tab. The olympics are costing us a mountain of cash and the mountain keeps getting higher and higher. Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill.

The privileged few who wanted to host this extravagant party first stated in a press release that it would only cost a drop in the bucket in comparison to the huge return of World wide notoriety we’d receive. But as soon as they received the olympic bid so too did we receive another press release, then another and another. Each one being more costly than the one before.

The original ‘drop in the bucket’ is now enough to fill an olympic sized pool. Believe me, for decades to come, tax payers will be swimming in that pool of debt. And you can mark these words: “some people are going to drown”.

This whole fiasco would be bad enough during prosperous times, but to take on these enormous responsibilities during a recession and in the middle of a World war isn’t very responsible at all!

And just when you think enough has been asked of the humble tax payer. At a time when the family budget is stretched to it’s very limit, they pile more shit on your plate, in the form of the HST. ‘Harmonized’, my ass!

So what are you going to do about it? Nothing? I thought so, you’re a Canadian. We’ll just bend over and let the boys on the hill pick our pockets, take away our lunch money and you know what else? They won’t even call you after they’ve screwed you over. Ha.

Are you beginning to feel like a fool, who’s been left standing in the middle of a crowed room with your pants pulled down? You can mark these words too; when the next election comes around we’ll vote for the lesser of the two evils. Then they’ll take their turn at us until we get fed up with them too. As I stated in the beginning of this bit o’ wit; “Stupid is what stupid does.” One idiot following another idiot around a barrel.

Don’t kid yourself the powers that be have us over a barrel. We’re also up the creek without a paddle, up to our ears in kah kah and the ship is sinking fast. But, unlike when a real ship sinks it’s not going to be; “women and children first.” It’ll be the rats who got us into this mess who’ll be the least effected.

The influential, well-to-do and politico finks will simply hunker down in their mansions and wait a few years until the general public forgets about them. In the mean time Joe and Jane Citizen must toil away at menial tasks just to keep the wolf from the door. Do you remember the federal ‘sponsorship scandal’? Over 100 million dollars in tax payers money went poof like a fart in a wind storm. Then in our own BC back yard we’ve suffered; insider trading, influence peddling, bribery, sexual harassment and a drunk nut behind the wheel. Police who shoot first and then don’t answer questions later. Judges who seemingly can only hear the voices of high paid lawyers, while the poor public screams repeatedly for justice.

I ask you this of you; what’s it going to take before we polite, passive pushovers get pissed off enough to march up the hill and kick some ass?