Bee in the Bonnet – Our Savior’S Name Is: Edukation

By Bernie Bates

How stupid is the world? Some of the brightest minds on the planet are going to waste – while some of the dimmest people are sitting in the halls of power. It’s been ten years since the terrorist attacks on September the 11th. Since then trillions of dollars and trillions of bullets have been spent – and you helped pay for it – doesn’t that make you sick to the pit of your stomach?

I agree that we should have bombed the crap out of Afghanistan; but not with explosives, but rather with knowledge. We, the so-called civilized people of the world should have bombed them with real books, computers and cell phones. Even an ignorant a-hole like Hitler realized that the wrong reading material was a threat to his Aryans only club. So he burned works of art and books that he deemed to be blasphemous.

To this very day what do all dictators have in common? They control all forms of communication: newspapers, television even the www’s and the dot-com’s. Once dictators control the masses with daily masses and keep their disciples blindly faithful, uneducated and poor – they’re home free. Hell, for that fact, everything is free for these evil, greedy, self-serving Hitlers. They possess high-end cars, planes and trains. They eat the finest foods and drink from the sweet fountain of excess.

Another common link dictators share is a fundamental belief system. Whether it’s based on hatred for another race, territory or religion. The first thing religions and dictators do is get their message of distrust, hatred and anger out to the masses. Some zealots put up posters, build statues while others get on TV and make unreasonable promises of heavenly riches and virgins. Other than promising us pre-used women; doesn’t that sound very much like our very own politicians?

Ask yourself this, what do control freaks fear the most? They fear that their followers will one day wise up and recognize them for what they really are: fanatical liars. As soon as their horny warriors realize that where aren’t any virgins waiting for them on the ‘other side’ – they may not be so willing to shove a stick of dynamite down their pants. And once these young men begin to think with their other head, they soon realize that they are being manipulated – that’s usually when the head of the snake gets cut off.

For millenniums what have all of the major religions feared the most? One word: education. Once a person is educated they begin to think for themselves and soon after that they become more realistic and less likely to believe in a mythical horned devil, holy ghost or the tooth fairy. Blaspheme, you say? Well here goes my supposedly eternal soul; there is no god, there never was and never will be. The truth is we are born to be recycled and so is everything else; from butterflies to mountains, including our planet, the sun and even our galaxy. And the sooner humans realize that they’re being duped – the sooner humanity can realize their full potential.

If you must believe in something, believe this: one day a child will look upon a hologram in history class and see people smoking toxins, committing mass murder and bowing before golden images. Then the child will turn to their teacher and say BS! People didn’t really do these things, did they?

But I’m happy to report that things are looking better and better for our species. The middle east is coming along just nicely – thanks to the internet and other communication devices. Science is making great strides and people are starting to rely on factual information instead of hokum and ghosts. Hopefully it won’t be very long before the inhabitants of Earth will come to realize that the Natives have been right all along: “Care for the soil, the air, the water and the earth will care for you.” And if we don’t – the living entity we call earth, will rid itself of us humans faster than you can say contagion, transmission, pandemic … “Ahchoo!”

So just how stupid are you? Do you wish for your daily bread, a roof over your head and peace of mind? Now ask yourself this: do I wish the same for my fellow humans beings? Or do you pray for golden images, virgins and life after death?