How many times have you heard someone jokingly say, “I hate skinny people”? For some people this is a weighty issue – no ifs, ands or big, wide butts, about it!


“Oh, to be young again,” we cry out from just over the hill. I’ve always been a people person and also a people watcher. Being a male I tend to notice the apposite sex, and I think I’ve noticed an evolution taking place. I call them: high-breds.

And it’s not just the ladies either, men too, care more about their appearance these days. I think it all started with Elvis. He was one of the first celebrity high-breds. He was so good looking he made women faint with a mere glance and a curl of his lip. But like all things; time changes all and all too soon the bloom leaves the rose.

Every day we see the pretty people prance by with their bouncy hair, puckered puss’ and yoga pants. But the real show starts on Saturday night. That’s when the high-breds brandish their high heels, hundred dollar hair cuts and five percent body fat. These polished people don’t come cheap – even when they’re trying to look cheap. Two hundred dollar ripped and faded jeans with tops that are barely there and underwear that costs more than some people’s paychecks. Then there’s the ‘must haves’ such as Jimmy Choo shoes, Gucci handbags and diamond encrusted telephones. To no ones surprise these beads and trinkets cost more than the house you’re sitting in.

Today when people say, ” you look like a million bucks.” In some cases it could be true.

I’d like to thank Calvin Klein for pushing the boundaries up, up and away. The advertising game is a big part of why we now have high-breds. The ideal women/men are on every magazine rack, TV commercial and movie screen. With whiter than white teeth, chiseled looks and six-pack abs – they are what we strive to be like.

Women tend to date tall, handsome men and men date pretty and perky women. Inadvertently, advertising may have programed us into a breeding program. I’m as sure of this, as Darwin was about his finches. Eventually – if the course holds true – women will become leggy, top heavy blondes and men too will have the hole package. Considering that evolution takes the best and discards the rest – combined with the fact the we’re now living in a global community – I would imagine that the best traits of one race will mix with the best traits of other races.

My imagination runs wild when I think of what people will look like in the future.

These new people will be smarter, leaner and live longer. They won’t have politics, instead they’ll hold a beauty pageant and crown Miss/Mr. universe. McDonald’s will go vegan and a pimple will be cause enough for a medical intervention. I also predict that the prettier you are the less items will cost and you’ll also receive preferred service.

What am I saying? That type of thing is already happening. It’s an unspoken truth that the better looking a person is the better they’re treated. They get more gratuities and fewer speeding tickets. I know it’s unfair, but I’ve just learned to live with it.
After all, even beauty has an expiration date. Everyone has their glory days; a time when they peak and bloom. It’s only after this phase of their life, does a person’s true beauty shine through.

Beauty is like a mountain. It would be wise to be kind to people on your way up, because you’ll meet them again… just over the hill.