The Grinch who stole Christmas was a heartless villain, we must all agree. But he had a rough childhood and that’s why – can’t you see?

In the end the Grinch rediscovers the spirit of Christmas and grows a heart.

It’s too bad I can’t say the same about the politically correct zealots, who seem to be in charge of our ever changing culture.

There was a day when the masses said, “Merry Christmas, to one and all!” But under the new rules we’re encouraged to replace that traditional greeting with phrases like; happy holidays or season’s greetings. You know, so as not to upset other cultures, who maybe new to this great land of freedom.

Personally I’m all for welcoming the new-be’s to our home and native’s land. Canucks encourage these peoples to bring their cultural festivities; so that we all may enjoy them together.

So my ‘Q’ to you is why can’t we say, write or display: Merry Christmas in public places without some dudly-do-right pointing out the fact that the word Christmas has the word Christ, in it?
Give me a break!

For Christ’s sake!

Even, I, as a supposedly goddamned atheist, thinks that excluding the traditional greeting of Merry Christmas is ludicrous. So what if it carries a religious overtone?

To myself, it is the spirit in which it is said, that really matters. Words are wonderfully powerful instruments of human communication. But to give them too much power is just as wrong.

Once upon a time, Merry Christmas, was just a happy sentiment. Today, some use it as a weapon in the war of words.

As a person of native heritage, I know first hand what it’s like to lose a tradition. Sadly, I can’t even speak my own language, because there is no one to speak with anymore.

Yet I support the use of Merry Christmas as a greeting. Even though it was the Christians, themselves who systematically dismantled my culture. And in the spirit of the season I can forgive those who’ve trespassed against me and that gives me peace.

Don’t get me wrong, I still prey that one day humanity is ruled by people who aren’t delusionally fixated on a mythical idol. My Christmas wish is that one day, Christmas, is just a day when humanity reflects back on itself, and gives thanks that they aren’t as backwards as we are today.

I have another ‘Q’ for you: who do children think of on Christmas eve? If your answer was Santa Claus, give yourself some cookies and milk. As adults Christmas, means buying presents. Little thought is given, these days, to the reason for the season.

As Christian lore goes; December the 25th, is a day to rejoice in the birth of their messiah. A day when three wise men, from the middle east, finally agreed on something.

Christmas, to me, is a time of year when people are nicer to one another. A time when we connect with a smile, a nod and a wink.

It’s during this time of year is when I get a glimpse at what life would be like if we celebrated the spirit of Christmas every day.

From my home to yours, Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

And to all the politically correct zealots out there, I hope you get a lump of coal and a heart.