Smoking the Peace Pipe

It’s about time the knot-heads started talking to the pot-heads. This war on weed has got to stop. It’s time to smoke the peace pipe.


When world leaders such as Clinton, Bush and Obama have admitted to smoking a big fat one – yet they’ll stand shoulder to shoulder with the moral moron majority – when it comes to the legalities of a smokable martini.

One word comes to mind: hypocrites!

My advice to you is to never follow the righteous, for they will become corrupt, in time. The reason is simple; mankind’s worst vice is greed. With that said; if you want to seek the truth follow the payola.

Brick by brick, piece by piece, communism and the Berlin wall fell, and so too are the laws against marijuana. Those long-haired, pot smoking hippies of yore, are now old grey grandparents and great grandparents. If they’re not dead, ask them what it was like when the war on drugs started.

If you were to take a poll of these old souls, you’d find that in general they are just everyday sweethearts. These old pot-heads didn’t become reefer mad nor did they turn into heroin junkies. Chances are that ninety percent of those long-hairs, just grew up and stopped lighting up.

Prohibition of alcohol didn’t work any better than the idiotic laws against sex – silly politicians. The only way to stop horny people from screwing is to put a bullet in their hump-happy heads.

Free people want what they want, and all the laws, police and prisons can’t stop the flood of humanity. It’s as silly as asking you to stop scratching your ass when you have an itch.

People, in general are smart enough to know what is acceptable and what is excessive. Society, just like nature, is self regulating. An example is the loud mouthed drunk. Do you hang around people like this or do you shun their boisterous behaviour? How many of you allow cigarette smoking in your car or home? How many employers want to hire a stoner? How many parents want their sweet young daughter to marry a stoner?

This is where economy comes into play; said stoner, needs green money to buy green bud. This forces a choice for the stoner: just how stoned do I want to get? Versus, the human vice of greed.

Only greed and time will dictate the answer to drugs in society.

The world’s economy is in deep due, due and passed due, too. In the past, governments have taken over businesses, such as alcohol, tobacco and lotteries. I predict they will also get into the drug game. You can mark my word on it too, if you want to make a wise investment for the future.

Do you want proof that the door to drugs is finally beginning to open? Medical marijuana dispensaries are popping up faster than Starbucks, and getting a medical marijuana card is easier to get than a passport.

But the big news of the day is that the federal government of the United States is allowing banks to accept deposits from the sale of a product that according to federal law, is prohibited.

There is that one word again: hypocrites!

Just think this whole thing probably started when some Indian threw a dried up old weed on the campfire and everyone began to laugh like crazy!