Do you look to the stars and wonder? Do the stars dance in your imagination, like they do in mine? In some way – I know that they connect us all.


I’m sure we’ve all seen UFO programs that question the existence of life out there. I’m also just as sure that most reasonable people would agree that the Earth is no more than a speck on a cow’s ass, as the cow watches a jet fly by.

I believe that we are not alone in our cosmic neighborhood. I also believe that governments from around the world are withholding information about the great beyond.

You may think I’m crazy to believe in something that’s so out there. You may think I’m crazy to believe in something that I’ve never held or seen. Well, I’m not the only crazy person who looks to the skies for answers.

Every night, since our first flickers of intellect, mankind has gazed at the stars in amazement. The night’s sky was like humanity’s first television set. Watching ‘the sky’ became a hit.

Wondering stars, that were later discovered to be planets, drew mans eyes to skies with questions of why?

‘Why’, lead to questions far deeper than the deep blue sea. Questions like: why am I here? What purpose do I serve – and who do I serve?

It’s during this part of human history where the charlatans and soothsayers used the skies to their own ends. Natural events like comets, asteroids and shooting stars became omens from the god(s). Before things like science, astronomy and common sense where used; people where scared of the unknown, and where vulnerable to things like superstition, quackery and hearsay.

An eclipse of the sun was reason enough to choke a chicken and cut off it’s head. People in the dark ages, and some folks in rural Texas, believed that if they changed their evil ways and gave 10% of their income – that they would be saved by a man who claimed to talked to the ‘big guy’ himself!

“Fools”, you may exclaim. Makes you wonder how could a Texan believe in such tomfoolery? Do they really believe that they could just tell an invading alien: “I’m with the big guy”? Wink, wink!

Speaking of fools; we are so vain to think we could handle the news that we are not alone. Plus there is a good chance that ‘they’ evolved from predators at the top of their food chain, you know, just like us.

As sure as some deity made little green apples; people would be jumping out of windows left and right.

Imagine looking up one night and seeing the biggest mother-flying-saucer your teeny-weenie brain can grasp?

Now, tell me you wouldn’t be running around with a pant full!

Long held myths, beliefs and boundaries would collapse overnight if an invading species came from the sky.

I just hope that they are not like us. I hope they will have evolved enough to know that killing is not the answer.

Who knows why they arrived here, maybe they’re just here spreading the word of their vengeful god(s).



Kneel, earthlings!

I hope they are here to share their knowledge and enlighten us about the night’s sky.

I also pray to the heavens that they don’t package my ‘donkey’ to use as a snack on the long ride home.