Academy Prepares Native Students for Careers in Law Enforcement

Northwest Law Enforcement Academy’s diploma program improves the odds of being hired by law enforcement agencies. First Nations Student Allan Richard, 24-years-old from Lake St. Martins, lives in Winnipeg, MB and is currently enrolled in the Northwest Law Enforcement Academy’s 640 hour Diploma Program. Allan has always been interested in the law enforcement field and knows that by attending the Northwest program he is improving his odds at being hired by the RCMP, police, Canadian Border Services, and any of the law enforcement agencies at large in Canada.

Northwest Law pic1

Allan Richard attending class at Northwest Law Enforcement Academy.

“Northwest Law Enforcement Academy has a great track record with graduating First Nations peoples, and we are so very proud when we learn our graduates have been hired by law enforcement agencies [such as] Manitoba Corrections or the Sheriff’s Department,” says Chief Executive Officer Victor Popow. “We want to see all of our students move into responsible, well paid positions in the field, and the opportunities are huge. With large numbers of the baby boomers retiring, we see law enforcement agencies across Canada hiring and looking for mature, responsible, and well trained individuals.”

Some of the advantages in attending Northwest Academy include the short eight month program and the fact that all instructors are experienced past-serving or retired members of the RCMP, Winnipeg Police, corrections department, or other agencies. Students are learning from people who have done the work and have expertise in what they are teaching. Students are engaged in an intensive program where they learn about criminal law, investigations, interrogation, ethics, self-defense, organized crime, and communications, among other things. Class sizes are small to ensure time and attention is paid to each student, so the quality of learning is much higher.

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