“Call it in the air: heads or tails?” That’ll be your fate, right? Or do we even have a choice in the great scheme of things?

These and other questions can be found in the back of your mind. We’ve all pondered the end of life as we know it.


What event will it take to pull the trigger on all out war? Will it be terrorism, an economic tsunami or maybe another cyber attack on Sony – or worse – The Simpsons?

Have you prepared for the poop storm that’s coming our way? The reason I’m asking is because the stars, in my opinion, are beginning to align, and I’m not referring to comets, meteors and asteroids – Oh, my!

The price of gas is falling faster than road-apples from an Arabian stud, at a time when certain oil producers can ill afford it – countries like Iraq, Syria and Russia. I’m sure that Ali Baba and the forty wives will be able to ride out the aforementioned storm in complete comfort, but what about the rest of them?

Now ask the voice in your head: if there is a loser in this game, then who’s the winner?

Are you feeling like a disposable pawn, yet?

It is widely known in coffee shops everywhere that Russia is built on corruption, like a pyramid of cards, and it’s all about to come crashing down. I’m willing to bet my butt that Mr. Putin is hurting and feeling the squeeze. I’ll also throw this into the pot; at the very least I think he’ll try to bluff his way out by threatening war in the Ukraine. I’ll also re-raise my bet that he’s not above playing Russian roulette with the lives of his fellow comrades.

Look at it this way; pretend that you’re in a high stakes poker game with the mafia, and you’re holding a mitt full of sh*t. You’ve just bet more than you can afford, you shove all in, and try to bluff. But they call – what do you do then?

I’m sure that Mr. Putin has seen the videos of what happened to Gaddafi, Saddam and Osama. As I see it his only other move is to kick the table over and make a break for the back door, and hope that some country is willing to harbor him and his billions.

I wonder if Las Vegas is giving odds on whether or not Putin will land on his head or his tail.

Then there are the wild cards: Isis, Kim Jong-un and a bunch of nuclear powered clerics who aren’t dealing with a full deck. Not to mention an outgoing American President who would love to dump this world wide chess mess in the laps of a Republican House of Representatives and senate.

“Well played, Mr. Obama. Well played.” Is that how historians will one day praise him or will they just shuffle him off as being politically lucky?

Speaking of luck, how’s yours? If you happen to work in the frozen wastelands of northern Alberta, you’ll be a lucky ace to draw a paycheck in the coming year.

I know it’s only a penny ante game to the big oil boys, but the falling gas prices make me feel like the prince of pumps, king of the road and a joker who’s laughing all the way to the bank.

Check mate!


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