Resolve To Make Lifestyle Changes: FNHA Winter Wellness Grants for BC First Nations

The First Nations Health Authority envisions healthy, self-determining and vibrant BC First Nations children, families, and communities playing an active role in decision making regarding their personal and collective wellness. Community driven and Nation-based, the FNHA is encouraging First Nations to create their own health event or initiative.

Organizations, schools, and health service agencies serving BC First Nations and/or Aboriginal people may be eligible for funding to host a Winter Wellness event or initiative to be held between January 1st–February 15th, 2016. The theme for the coming year is about new year’s resolutions for communities and individuals, with a focus on change and personal transformation in lifestyles or communities.

BC First Nations are encouraged to create an event or initiative focused on one or more of the FNHA Wellness Streams: Nurturing Spirit, Respecting Tobacco, Being Active, Eating Healthy. Winter Wellness events should encourage and sustain wellness in individuals, families, and communities all year long.


Download and complete the 2016 Winter Wellness Grant Form from the First Nations Heath Authority website [].


FNHA Winter Wellness crop


Ideas for Winter Wellness Events/Initiatives

Nurturing Spirit: Organize a Volunteer Week! Have registered participants commit to a certain amount of hours volunteering in the community and celebrate the good work and good feelings by having a community meal and sharing circle.

Respecting Tobacco: Start an initiative encouraging abstinence or harm reduction regarding tobacco use. Community members or groups could pledge to go 48 hours smoke-free. Hold a 5km walk and acknowledge or reward community members who have gone smoke free. Tobacco pouches could be made and handed out and the conclusion of the initiative.

Being Active: Host a Snowy 5K walk/snowshoe/ski/sled/Spirit pole! Don’t let the snow outside stop you! Organizing outdoor events or activities during winter weather can be a great way to promote continuous physical activity through the season. Prepare a nice hot community meal at the finish line.

Eating Healthy: Having an Elder provide information to youth through an interactive event about how our relatives ate and prepared food during the winter. Provide youth with food, ingredients, and resources so they can follow along with the teaching.