CPA Canada, AFOA Canada Partner To Establish Strong Aboriginal Financial Leaders

The Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) and AFOA Canada (formerly Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of Canada) announced on February 19th that they’re building on a long-standing and collaborative relationship through a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). “We both share a common vision,” says Tashia Batstone, vice president of education services with CPA Canada. “We each represent professionals who demonstrate a commitment to help organizations and communities succeed through high standards, accountability, and strong decision making.”

Tashia Batstone (Vice-President of Education Services at CPA Canada) and Terry Goodtrack (AFOA Canada President CEO)

Tashia Batstone (Vice-President of Education Services at CPA Canada) and Terry Goodtrack (AFOA Canada President CEO)

Canadian CPA is one of the world’s preeminent accounting and business designations, and they are committed to supporting the development of strong financial leaders in the Aboriginal community. “Working with the AFOA and through our continued participation in programs such as the Martin Aboriginal Initiative, CPA Canada is committed to making a positive contribution to economic and social development in Canada,” said Batstone. “In discussions with AFOA executives we determined there was considerable alignment between the AFOA’s CAFM designation and the CPA Canada ACAF, and therefore we felt that an agreement that would recognize this alignment made good business sense for both organizations.” CPA Canada is committed to working with CPA Canada’s Aboriginal community and very much supported a strong relationship with the AFOA.

CPA Canada will be offering support by providing an efficient pathway to the new CPA Canada Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ACAF). The ACAF is an online education program created for students looking for junior and intermediate careers in accounting and finance. CPA Canada will work on integrating some course material from its ACAF program into the curriculum to become a Certified Aboriginal Financial Manager (CAFM). This will provide CAFM students an accelerated route to obtain the ACAF.

“The health and success of our Aboriginal communities can be linked to financial wellness and its management capacity,” states Terry Goodtrack, president and CEO of AFOA Canada. “Certified Professionals are key to communities in their journey towards social and economic prosperity. This relationship with CPA Canada just makes sense and continues to strengthen our ability to produce the top Aboriginal accounting and financial professionals.”

With the MOU, CPA Canada is also looking ahead, beyond just program support. “CPA Canada will also look for opportunities to increase exposure to Indigenous culture and history to members and students through professional development and education programs,” adds Kevin Dancey, president and CEO of CPA Canada. “We look forward to a strengthened working relationship with AFOA Canada and continuing to explore ways our two organizations can bring value to our members.”

Batstone says that the CAFM designation includes a module on Aboriginal history and culture. “This course would be very relevant to our CPAs and students who work with the aboriginal community. I would hope that through this partnership we will be able to make these types of opportunities available to our members.”