Lampe sworn-in as Nunatsiavut’s third President

Johannes Lampe

Johannes Lampe

The new President of Nunatsiavut says he’s looking forward to working to advance the interests of all Beneficiaries of the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement.

“I am very excited about the future and taking on the challenges that lie ahead as we continue to move Nunatsiavut forward,” says Johannes Lampe, who took the oath of office during a ceremony in Nain today.

Lampe says he’s hoping to build on existing relationships with both the federal and provincial governments, and to working closely with Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, the national Inuit organization, to address ongoing concerns and issues facing Labrador Inuit.

Lampe, a former Minister of Culture, Tourism and Recreation and an Ordinary Member for Nain in the Nunatsiavut Assembly, replaces Sarah Leo who served as President for the past four years.

Lampe, who was the only candidate to file nomination papers for the position, was acclaimed President-elect on April 7. He is the third official President since Nunatsiavut was established on December 1, 2005.


Lampe ilijaullagittuk Nunatsiavummi pingajolluni AngajukKângugiamut

Nutâk AngajukKânga Nunatsiavut uKajuk Kanuttonimminik suliaKaliaKigiamut sivuppiatigasuallugit tusugijangit ilonnaita Ikajuttaugutilet Labradorimi Inuit Nunamik Satusaisimannimut AngiKatigegutinganut.

“AliasotiKatsiavunga sivunitsamut amma kamagigiangit uKumaittuit sivunittini Nunatsiavut sivuppiatitsigasuallugu ,” uKajuk Johannes Lampe, killigiudjiKaujuk suliaKapvimogiamut Nainimi ullumi.

Lampe uKajuk Kanuttonimminik suliaKaKatautsiagiamut tamaiginnut federal amma prâvinsiup kavamagijânginnut, suliaKaKatautsialunilu Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, nunatsualimâmi Inuit katutjiKatigenninga, kamagiamik isumâlotaujunik pidjutaujunullu Labradorimi Inunnut.

Lampe, siagu Ministeriulauttuk IlikKusiliginnimut, Niuggutitsinimmut amma Pingguanimmut amma kiggatuttiuluni Nainimiunik Nunatsiavut katimajitsuanginni, ininganojuk Sarah Leo AngajukKângulauttuk sitamaukKaujuni jârini.

Lampe, angnigigatsatolauttuk tatattuiKâlluni angnigusotinnik suliatsamut, uKausiulauttuk AngajukKâsaugiamut Aprel 7-imi. Pingajugijaulittuk AngajukKângugiamut Nunatsiavut pingutitaulaummanit December 1, 2005-imi.