Kanesatake: Grand Chief Simon will meet with the governments

Kanesatake, July 25th 2019- The Grand Chief of the Mohawk Council of Kanesatake Serge Otsi Simon having confirmed his availability, two meetings should indeed take place this Friday July 26th, concerning Kanesatake’s issues. There will be a confirmed tripartite meeting between Kanesatake and the federal and provincial governments representatives.

A second meeting could also take place immediately after, including the mayor of Oka, Mr. Pascal Quevillon.

The first meeting is necessary in order to discuss a certain amount of urgent issues requiring governmental action. The potential second meeting is to include Mr. Quevillon. However, in order for it to be a productive discussion in peace and harmony, the Grand Chief reiterates his demand of an apology from Pascal Quevillon. Without this apology, the Grand Chief will not be participating in the second meeting.

Information meeting with the MRC de Deux-Montagnes
In parallel, Grand Chief Simon has sent a letter to the MRC’s prefect, Denis Martin, in order to propose a meeting with the mayors of the MRC. Minister Sylvie D’Amours, the minister responsible for Aboriginal Affairs and the member for Mirabel, is also invited to this meeting. This meeting would aim to inform the mayors directly on questions pertaining to the Kanesatake Mohawks’ territorial rights and claims, as well as opening a dialogue regarding future collaborations in economic development