Open letter to Quebecers: No “Oka Crisis 2.0”

Kanesatake, July 29th 2019- In an open letter addressed to Quebecers this morning, the Grand Chief of the Mohawk Council of Kanesatake Serge Otsi Simon reiterates his desire to live in peace and harmony, with his Oka neighbors. 

The letter aims to clearly express that there is no question right now of a second Oka Crisis. The situation has changed, certain measures were taken since 1990 in order to take things further. Even though much remains unaccomplished, and that the federal government needs to assume its fiduciary duty, the Grand Chief insists on the fact that the Kanesatake Mohawks wish to live in peace. 

Moreover, this open letter aims to clarify certain questions on the rights of indigenous peoples, that many may find complex. With a better knowledge of these issues, the Grand Chief hopes that Quebecers may be able to better understand the urgency of the situation regarding repatriation of Mohawk lands to Kanesatake, as well as understanding the insistence of the Grand Chief in order to obtain a formal apology from the mayor of Oka to the Mohawk community. 

It also expresses the wish to continue to work together in finding solutions for the recognition of the rights of the Mohawks of Kanesatake is made quickly and in harmony with their Oka neighbors.