Mohawk Council of Kanesatake

First Nations – Municipalities Summit: Opportunity
for the Mayor of Oka to apologize to Kanesatake and
the Mohawk people

The Summit of First Nations and Municipalities taking place today in Wendake is the ideal opportunity for the Mayor of Oka, Pascal Quevillon, to apologize for the racist remarks he directed towards the Kanesatake community and the Mohawk people.

Grand Chief Serge Otsi Simon and the members of his Council who participate in this event invite all Summit participants to condemn any form of racism and discrimination that affects relations between Quebecers and First Nations. The Kanesatake Council calls for respect to be at the basis of the discussions taking place today in Wendake.

“We are here because we believe in the importance of building good relationships with our municipal neighbors, with whom we can develo joint projects. We are open to working with all those who show respect and who reject racism and all other expressions of colonialism, “said Grand Chief Simon. It should be noted that, not only has Mayor Quevillon not yet offered an apology, but he has even continued to publish offensive Facebook messages directed towards the Mohawk community. “The Mayor’s attitude is in direct opposition to the principle of reconciliation that must be at the center of our discussions today,” said Grand Chief Simon.

Meeting with the Mayors of Deux-Montagnes and Mirabel Grand Chief Simon also took advantage of this Summit to confirm that a meeting between the Kanesatake Council and the Mayors of the MRCs of Deux-Montagnes and Mirabel will take place soon. During this meeting, the Mohawk Council will present projects to municipal representatives that
could promote peace and help bring together citizens of both communities.

About Kanesatake Kanesatake is one of the eight communities that make up the Mohawk Nation and accounts for approximately 2,500 members. The traditional territory of the Mohawk extends through vast regions of what is currently referred to as Quebec, Ontario, and the north eastern United States. This traditional territory has never been ceded, leaving full Mohawk title and interests intact. The community of Kanesatake is a settlement on the shore of the Lake of Two Mountains in southwestern Quebec, at the confluence of the Ottawa and St. Lawrence rivers.

People who reside in Kanesatake are referred to as Kanehsata’kehró:non. Both they and the Mohawks of the Kahnawà:ke, located across from Montreal, also control and have hunting and fishing rights on territory of Tiowéro:ton (Doncaster). The Mohawk Council of Kanesatake (MCK) is the organization that provides governmental, administrative, and operational services to the community of Kanesatake and its member.