NHC Board Recruitment to Focus on Inuit, Women

IQALUIT, Nunavut — The Nunavut Housing Corporation’s (NHC) Board of Directors is currently accepting applications for board vacancies and hopes to increase the representation of Inuit and women on the board. 

“Inuit represent 85 per cent of Nunavut’s population, which should be reflected on NHC’s Board of Directors. Stronger Inuit representation will benefit Inuit and enable NHC to better realize its mandate to improve housing opportunities for Nunavummiut,” said Patterk Netser, Minister responsible for the Nunavut Housing Corporation. 

“Where possible, the board should have gender balance” said Kathy Hanson, Vice-Chair for NHC’s Board of Directors. “In our communities and across the territory, women contribute their skills and knowledge and we’d like more of it at the NHC Board level.” 

NHC is looking for individuals with vision, passion, and leadership skills who have experience with housing, construction, finance or governance in a Northern context to apply for the vacant Board of Director positions. 

According to the Nunavut Housing Corporation Act, board members are recommended by the minister and appointed by cabinet. A director holds office for a term of three years. 

Candidates are invited to electronically submit a resume and cover letter stating their skills, qualifications, experience and other relevant factors they would bring to the NHC Board by October 1, 2019.