RUTH – ANN THORN PRESENTS THE FINE ARTISTS OF INDIAN MARKET 2020 SANTA FE Art of the City TV named Sponsor of Indian Market 2020 Art as storytelling and Art as responsibility.

Ruth-Ann Thorn believes these on-location Santa Fe episodes as well as the extraordinary live streaming interviews during the month of August 2020 are the most important episodes she’s ever produced and hosted: and are truly the intersection of Fine Art, Native American Heritage, and celebration in a Virtual Experience.

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Santa Fe: New Mexico:  (August 1st,   2020)  Art of the City TV is a documentary entertainment series where gallerist, philanthropist, and celebrity host Ruth-Ann Thorn travels around the country spotlighting artists who create the fabric and lifeblood of the city’s cultural community.  Host Ruth Ann Thorn moves out of her role as uber-successful gallerist and brings to audiences’ layers upon layers of hip, unfiltered aesthetic, and creative elements indigenous to the featured city.   

This year is unique….   Santa Fe Indian Market….Virtual….Engaging…and Art of the City TV brings an Unparalleled Artistic and Cultural Component to a year when the online presence for the month-long event will be engaging, and presents the opportunity to expose the celebration to a global audience.

George Rivera

Roxanne Swentzell

Nocona Burgess

Raymond Nordwall

Ms. Thorn,  San Diegan and of the Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians brings to the series her native American experience; Her mother was an artist and was involved in the women’s rights movement, while her father, part of the Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians, was one of the first Native Americans to occupy Alcatraz in an effort to gain equal rights for the Native Americans living on reservations, who at the time weren’t allowed to vote.  In 2018, Thorn was elected as the chairwoman of the Rincon Economic Development Corporation of her tribe and has been on the board for 5 years. She oversees businesses that are owned by the tribe and is an active member of California chapter of the Native American Chamber of Commerce.

Ruth-Ann has captured the flavor of Santa Fe artistic relevance and presents to the world the timely story of the cultural capital of Indian Market and the great city of Santa Fe,…an event that has always been on the right side of history and on the right side of Artistic Accomplishment;  illustrating Native American Art as seen through the lens of her knowledge and being.  We believe these four episodes, two of which are Artists exhibiting this year, Raymond Nordwall and Nacona Burgess,  are the perfect digital content.

Celebrity Host Ruth-Ann Thorn traveled to Santa Fe, New Mexico because of the indigenous artists that reside there. Santa Fe is a mecca for Native American collectors. She chose four of the most important Native American artists living and working in Santa Fe: Nocona Burgess, Roxanne Swentzell, Georgia Rivera, and Raymond Nordwall…..take a look.

Santa Fe is the epicenter for Native American art. I was fortunate to be able to interview and document  four of the most important Native American Artists living today.

Getting the backstory from each of these creative individuals will help the world understand not only what they are creating but why they are creating it.

These are interviews that are history in the making”.  Ruth-Ann Thorn

This series of episodes reveal the flavor of Santa Fe and its vibrant artistic culture via a never-before captured lens: allowing Ms. Thorn and the Artists to experience the essence of so much of the Santa Fe.. As an historian captures history, and a travel guide landmarks, and the chef local culinary flavors: the Host of Art of the City marries them all…and through the Artists’ works.

“I’m revolutionizing the way people are exposed to art…. yes….it’s about the Art….but it’s not merely an art show, it’s a people show.” Thorn has just completed four episodes on location featuring Native American Artists , all of whom Thorn describes as an ‘encyclopedia of life’.   “This….is what I came for” remarks Thorn.


August 1                                 Nocona Burgess                            

August 3                                 Raymond Nordwall                      

August 5                                 Jeremy Salazar                                

August 7                                George Rivera                               

August 10                              Cody Sanderson                           

August 12                              Lois Ellen Frank culinary chef       

August 14                              Roxanne Swentzell                         

August 17                              Robby Romero                                         

August 19 TBA

August 21                              Tribute to Nakotah La Rance    Mayor Alan Weber of Santa Fe, Chris Eyres & Celebrity Guests TBA