Tsow-Tun Le Lum Society Announces New Facility Clearing commences on Cowichan site

Tsow-Tun Le Lum Society (TTLL) announced they have  leased land near Duncan on which they are building a new Indigenous Healing Centre.  TTLL offers programs that are grounded in Indigenous culture and tradition, and  focuses on healing from the ongoing effects of residential school.  

Tsow-Tun Le Lum has been located on lands leased from the Snaw-Naw-As First Nation  since July 1986. Board President, Daniella Harris-David, stated “Tsow-Tun Le Lum is  grateful to Snaw-Naw-As for having our Helping House on their land for the past 35  years. With the help of the Ancestors of this land there has been a lot of healing that  has taken place here.” 

The new centre will be built on Reserve Cowichan Lands near Duncan. The 50-year  lease was signed on 1 March 2021 with landowner, Jason Campbell. To honour the history of the site, trees cut from the land will be used in the construction and décor in the new building. Architect and Project Manager, Paul Blaser of RBM Architecture  noted, “These trees hold good energy and have been here for the last century. It is  appropriate for us to use what we can and keep them here on the land.” 

Nola Jeffrey, TTLL Executive Director said, “We have heard many times that Tsow-Tun  Le Lum programs save lives. We are grateful to be relocating on this land so we can  continue helping our people.” Tsow-Tun Le Lum is currently fundraising for their new centre. A Go Fund Me  campaign: https://ca.gofundme.com/f/support-for-residential-school-survivors and  an email to accept Interact e-transfers: donate@tsowtunlelum.org have been set up  to accept donations to the centre.