President McCallum appoints Ministerial portfolios

Métis Nation–Saskatchewan (MN–S) President Glen  McCallum assigned Ministerial portfolios following the May 29, 2021, MN-S  election.  

Since 2016, MN–S has made significant progress in many areas including  governance, housing, education and childcare. As the Cabinet of the Métis Government of Saskatchewan, the Provincial Métis Council (PMC) and its  Ministers make important decisions to advance, protect and promote the rights and  

interests of Métis citizens across Saskatchewan. MN–S Ministers are called upon to develop responses in increasingly complex, critical, and demanding areas while  performing their duties with honesty and upholding the highest ethical standards.  MN–S Ministers are responsible for developing and consulting on proposals and  strategies to present to the PMC and the Métis Nation Legislative Assembly (MNLA) that will continue to strengthen our government and support our citizens  and communities. 

Following the portfolio assignments, President Glen McCallum stated, “Every one  of the elected officials is highly qualified. We want to make sure we have the  proper person in the portfolio that best exemplifies their strengths and is the best fit  for our citizens. Our MN-S government fulfils the dream of our resilient ancestors.” 

Today’s Ministerial appointments display MN-S’ ongoing commitment to building a  strong, self-determining, accountable government for all Métis people in  Saskatchewan. 

Métis Nation – Saskatchewan Ministerial Portfolios

Inter-Nation Relations Glen McCallum and Michelle LeClair
Housing and Infrastructure Ryan Lee Carriere
Tourism Brent W.J. Digness
Culture and Heritage Sherry Ann McLeannan
Sports Billy Kennedy
Veterans Wendy Gervais
Youth Jaycee Bell
Women and Gender Equality Loretta King
Health Marg Friesen
Child and Family Services Kathie Pruden Nansel
Environment Mervin “Tex” Bouvier
Justice Michelle LeClair
Economic Development Glen McCallum
Early Learning and Childcare /  EducationTim J.W. Roussin
Finance Marg Friesen
Language Laura Burnouf
Post-Secondary Education & Skills  DevelopmentLeonard Montgrand

The MN–S governance structure is detailed here.