Support for the Winneway First Nation in its efforts to resolve the impasse in discussions surrounding obtaining a police service

The Assembly of First Nations Quebec-Labrador wishes to show its support for  the Winneway First Nation and the steps taken by its chief Steeve Mathias, who openly denounces the  ineffectiveness of the Government of Quebec in the process of establishing a police service for the  community. 

This is an issue of the utmost importance and the progress of discussions is essential to ensure the safety of  all members of the Winneway community who have waited too long for these essential services. 

In fact, a framework agreement concluded in 2008 already provided for the establishment of a negotiating  table for the re-establishment of a police force in this community. Now, thirteen years later, the people of  Winneway are suffering the harmful effects of a two-tier system of public safety. 

During a meeting of the AFNQL – Qu├ębec Political Table, which was held on March 19, Chief Mathias  clearly expressed the urgency of the situation and unequivocally expressed his dissatisfaction. Premier  Legault reacted to his remarks by saying that he took the problem seriously and that he was committed to  ensuring that his government could quickly remedy it. 

Unfortunately, it seems that the results are long overdue and that the content of the discussions does not  currently suggest a favorable conclusion in the short term on this file. 

Therefore, the AFNQL supports Chief Mathias’s request and also asks that a mediator be appointed without  delay to resolve the impasse and put an end to the systemic insecurity with which the inhabitants of  Winneway must contend. 

About the AFNQL 

The Assembly of First Nations Quebec-Labrador is the regional political organization that brings together  43 chiefs of the First Nations in Quebec and Labrador. Follow the AFNQL on Twitter @APNQL.