PRESS RELEASE: Fire Safety Knowledge Can Save Lives

Did you know that the incidents of fire are 10 times higher within Indigenous  communities versus other Canadian communities? 

This statistic comes from the National Indigenous Fire Safety Council Project and highlights the ongoing threat to homes and families. Their website is designed to offer support to Indigenous communities. It has reported that Indigenous peoples across Canada are between 5 and 17 times more likely to die in a fire compared to the rest of the population. Indigenous Peoples are five times more likely to die in a fire. That number increases to over 10 times for First Nations people living on reserves. Inuit are over 17 times more likely to die in a fire than non Indigenous people. Rates among M├ętis were higher than non-Indigenous estimates (2.1), but these rates were not significantly different. The full report can be found at morbidity-report-2021.

At FireWise we believe that knowledge saves lives. Knowing how to prevent a fire can make the difference between lives saved or lost. At times it can be as simple as knowing that an unattended pot on a stove can readily turn into a kitchen fire. Flammable objects near a baseboard or electric heater or a fireplace can cause pyrolysis which is the decomposition of a combustible object brought on by high temperatures. Further course information

As a Benefit Corporation for Good, FireWise places equal importance on people as it does the planet and profit. For this reason, FireWise offers affordable rates for communities at risk. We recognize some of the challenges of fire safety in Indigenous communities. Through our online training programs, we are able to offer a Building Fire Safety Training Program that is structured in the hopes of reducing fire related incidents. This course has been designed to give community leaders the confidence to know what to look for when assessing building fire safety risk and the skills to teach the community about valuable fire safety and prevention. BCFG program details at

Another excellent resource is Getting to Know Fire produced by British Columbia’s Public Fire and Life Safety Education Curriculum. This publication is a comprehensive fire and life safety education curriculum containing detailed lesson plans, which target audiences ranging from preschool aged children through to seniors. Thecurriculum provides accurate and consistent messages and all support materials necessary to deliver interesting and informative presentations. It is unique in its comprehensiveness and focusses on the needs of front-line fire service personnel delivering fire and life safety education. It is available through the Crown Publications at

Five Reasons to Learn About Fire Safety and Prevention 1. Fire prevention is inexpensive and saves lives and property. 2. Routine fire prevention assessments ensure a high level of building and occupant safety. 3. Building managers learn how fire protection systems are designed to detect and quickly extinguish a fire. 4. Direct involvement of the building manager in fire prevention yields other life safety and maintenance benefits. 5. Regular safety code inspections provide occupants with fire safety education and demonstrates a commitment to safety, building trust in the community.

About FireWise Consulting FireWise Consulting was co-founded by Glen Sanders and Bob Turley who had a desire to share their expertise with the fire community. Their knowledge in the fire service has informed the online fire inspection and investigation training and practicums that today teach communities, building owners, and firefighters on how to assess and address fire. In 2018, retired Fire Chief, Ernie Polsom joined as a director and primarily consults with emergency services, local governments and communities.

FireWise is recognized for its complimentary skill sets informed by over 120-years of combined knowledge. Their wealth of real-world experience is evident in its curriculum, workshops and consulting.

FireWise is a value-driven and Benefit Corporation for Good (BCFG) company committed to delivering quality information over profits to ensure that those in the fire service and their governing authorities receive the knowledge and support needed to help them provide a high level of fire protection in their communities or business. It has been certified by a third party to affirm that it qualifies. In addition to profit, the BCFG includes a positive impact on society, workers, and the environment as its legally defined goals.

We believe in and adhere to business practices that are socially, economically and environmentally sound which result in solutions that are responsible to people and the planet.

We believe in people and approach all issues in a transparent, non-partisan manner that fosters an open and respectful dialogue. We do our best to treat all stakeholders fairly, while recognizing the socio-demographics found within communities i.e., age, gender, ethnicity, education levels, income, etc.

We build individual, community, and regional capacity that supports informed decision-making processes.

We create safer communities by sourcing environmentally safe materials and processes (The use of technology to reduce travel and harmful environmental practices like burning buildings to conduct fire investigation courses.)

We believe and practice the sharing of knowledge the delivers fire prevention and awareness which saves lives, protects people and property, and protects the environment.

We support community organizations that help people like Muscular Dystrophy, Honour House, Honour Ranch and more. We believe in self-care by striving for a proper work-life balance.

We believe in mental wellness and facilitate a confidential and non-judgmental peer forum with fire service leaders that help them to share their journey.

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