(Ottawa, ON) – Assembly of First Nations (AFN) National Chief RoseAnne Archibald says today’s  Speech from the Throne, the first from Governor General Mary Simon, lacks concrete actions  and strong enough commitment to building a true healing path forward for First Nations and all  Canadians.  

“While this Throne Speech provides commentary on a number of priority areas for First Nations,  it is short on detailed action,” said AFN National Chief RoseAnne Archibald. “First Nations are on  the cusp of transformative change and as everyone works to recover from the ongoing  pandemic, today’s Speech from the Throne needed to chart a healing path forward for First  Nations and all Canadians, and it fell short on that today.”  

The Throne Speech, titled Building a Resilient Economy: A Cleaner & Healthier Future for Our  Kids was delivered in the House of Commons today, opening the first session of the  44thParliament.  

“The Government of Canada has prioritized housing and childcare, yet many First Nations  require predominantly social housing and many even don’t have daycare centres in which to  administer $10/day childcare. We will seek stronger commitments and specific action plans in  those areas. We welcome promises made to addressing climate change and biodiversity loss,  and the acknowledgement of the role of Indigenous traditional knowledge. At the same time,  it’s a reasonable and fair expectation that the commitments on gender-based violence and the  development of an anti-racism strategy will have First Nations involvement and perspectives.  Ultimately, we look forward to working with the federal government on building joint action  plans for First Nations priorities.”  

The commitments set out in today’s Speech from the Throne also include:
– Creating a Canada Water Agency to safeguard water resources
-Developing a National Adaptation Strategy to address environmental emergencies
– Accelerating work with Indigenous partners to end violence against Missing and
Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and 2SLGBTQQIA+ People
– Ensuring Indigenous communities have the support they need to keep families together
and fair and equitable compensation to those harmed by the First Nations Child and
Family Services Program

During the recent general federal election, the AFN launched The Healing Path Forward: 2021  Federal Priorities for Strengthening and Rebuilding First Nations platform, which outlines the  priority areas for strengthening, rebuilding and healing First Nations and can be found here: The  Healing Path Forward | Assembly of First Nations (