The Haida Nation stands firmly with the Gidimt’en Clan as they uphold Wet’suwet’en law in
opposition of the Coastal Gaslink pipeline project on their territory.

In these times of climate crisis and implementation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of
Indigenous Peoples Act, along with the commitments made at the UN Climate Change
Conference (COP26), the governments’ actions against Indigenous Title and Rights and climate
change are disappointing stumbling blocks on the path to reconciliation.

The Haida Nation condemns all acts of violence against Indigenous Peoples and ways of life.
Indigenous Peoples have called for renewed relationships and equitable systems to address
policy brutality, racism in the healthcare system, and dispossession of lands and resources.
It is time for Canada and BC to put words to action and honour Wet’suwet’en Title throughout
the Yintah.

“We stand with our Wet’suwet’en relatives in exercising their inherent responsibility to protect
their sacred headwaters. The use of a militarized police force against unarmed people and the
suppression of communications and media are violations of human rights. The world is watching
and it is shameful what is happening. Stay Wet’suwet’en Strong.”
– Gaagwiis Jason Alsop, President of the Haida Nation

To our Wet’suwet’en relatives – the Haida Nation will rebuild with you and stand with you to
defend your Title and exercise your Rights. We will send people and resources in the coming

AllOutForWedzinKwa #WetsuwetenStrong

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