The Assembly of First Nations  Quebec-Labrador (AFNQL) learned, through the media, that a Quebec Summit on Land  Use Planning would be held virtually on January 27th. Not only does the program that has  been unveiled completely ignore the concerns, rights, and claims of First Nations, but this  announcement also goes against what Minister Laforest stated to AFNQL Chiefs during  her participation in the First Nations and Quebec Grand Economic Circle, last November,  in Montreal. On that occasion, when questioned by AFNQL Chiefs on the “National  Strategy on Urbanism and Land Planning” (Stratégie nationale d’urbanisme et  d’aménagement des territoires), the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing committed  to holding political level discussions with First Nations on this specific subject matter,  considering the level of discontent expressed by several Indigenous communities with  regard to this Strategy which was developed unilaterally, by Quebec.  

AFNQL Chiefs are opposed to any form of government strategy, policy, or development  project impacting their territories without, as a priority, being actively involved in  discussions. “This announcement is yet another announcement that illustrates the lack of  sensitivity, even contempt of the CAQ government towards our territories,” said Interim  Regional Chief Lance Haymond. It is, moreover, in this context that last Fall, the AFNQL  Chiefs in Assembly adopted a Territorial Declaration to officially advise the Quebec  government that First Nations’ elected officials would not hesitate to use all means at their  disposal to protect their territories and their inherent, ancestral and treaty rights from any  action or policy put forward by the province that is prejudicial to their peoples.  

About the AFNQL 

The Assembly of First Nations Quebec-Labrador is the political organization that brings  together 43 First Nations Chiefs in Quebec and Labrador.