Mosaic to Defer Harvest for Next 25 Years on 40,000 Hectares of BC Forests Through High-quality Carbon Credit Program

Mosaic Forest Management today introduced the  BigCoast Forest Climate Initiative, which will defer harvesting on nearly 40,000 hectares (100,000 acres) of private land throughout Coastal British Columbia – an area over 3 times the  size of Vancouver – for 25 years, and potentially longer.  

By removing old forest from the company’s baseline harvest plan, Mosaic will increase carbon  storage and avoid future greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from logging operations. This  reduction in GHG emissions will be packaged into high-quality nature-based carbon credits to  be available for sale to reputable organizations to help them achieve their net-zero  commitments. 

The sale of BigCoast Forest carbon credits will generate revenue for Mosaic, with a portion of  the proceeds flowing each year to the Pacific Salmon Foundation and the Indigenous  Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCA) Innovation Program to support scientific and  First Nations cultural research on and around the project lands. BigCoast Forest also provides  the opportunity for other managers on the BC coast to add their forests to this initiative, further  increasing its potential to reduce emissions and generate ecological and economic value. Carbon credits generated by BigCoast Forest will be certified under the Verified Carbon  Standard (VCS), the world’s most widely-used and rigorous voluntary carbon program.  BigCoast Forest will: 

• Capture and store more than 10 million tonnes of carbon dioxide; 

• Conserve some of BC’s oldest trees, sensitive ecosystems, wildlife habitats and drinking watersheds, as well as lands with cultural significance to coastal First Nations; • Be the largest initiative of its kind in Canada; and  

• Be subject to regular, independent audits under the VCS protocol.  

“Mosaic is proud to be a leader in sustainable timberland management through this new  carbon credit initiative,” said Jeff Zweig, Mosaic Forest Management’s President and CEO.  “The BigCoast Forest Climate Initiative brings high-quality, large-scale, nature-based carbon  credits to a growing international market. The initiative generates economic value, contributes to the global effort to reduce carbon emissions, and benefits our local partners at Indigenous  Protected and Conserved Areas Innovation Program and Pacific Salmon Foundation.”  

Emission reductions generated from this initiative align with Mosaic’s sustainability goals  including achieving net-zero by 2035. The BigCoast Forest Climate Initiative is part of  Mosaic’s responsible forest stewardship program, which includes planting more than 10  million seedlings of local species each year.

What others are saying about BigCoast Forest  

Federal Government – “Congratulations to Mosaic and the entire BigCoast Forest Climate  Initiative team for developing such an innovative nature-based solution to improve our climate  outcomes in Canada and the world. Protecting and conserving our old forests like this will go a  long way towards tackling the twin crises of biodiversity loss and climate change.”  Honourable Steven Guilbeault, Minister of Environment and Climate Change 

BC Government – “Mosaic’s BigCoast Forest Climate Initiative promises to deliver real  benefits for primary forests throughout Coastal British Columbia. This innovative approach  supports our government’s vision for forestry where we take better care of our oldest forests,  First Nations are meaningful partners in forest management, and communities benefit from  sustainable, family-supporting jobs for generations to come.” Honourable Katrine Conroy,  Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development 

Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas – “This initiative provides decades of certainty  for First Nations to research these lands and identify priority areas for consideration as  Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs). The funding we receive from the  BigCoast Forest Climate Initiative will be leveraged by dozens of our partners and deployed  respectfully through the advice of each of the Nations whose territories are involved to confirm  locations of the most important ecological and cultural sites.” Chief Gordon Planes, IPCA  Innovation Program 

Pacific Salmon Foundation – “Forested watersheds are the connection between land and  sea – and integral to the health and sustainability of wild Pacific salmon, which will see real  benefits as a result of this initiative. We are delighted to expand our decades long relationship  with Mosaic to include the BigCoast Forest Climate Initiative. The funds received from the sale  of these carbon credits will be used to support research to help salmon and their ecosystems  adapt to climate challenges across coastal BC.” Michael Meneer, CEO, Pacific Salmon  Foundation 

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