June 3, 2022

OTTAWA – Tungasuvvingat Inuit (TI) congratulates PremierDoug Ford and the Progressive Conservative Party on a successful campaign victory in the Ontario provincial election. 

TI is optimistic the Progressive Conservative party is committed to addressing serious issues such as homelessness and housing, low-income individuals and families, healthcare and childcare, all issues that affect the urban Inuit population will remain a priority.  However, we are disappointed with the lack of specific commitments to the urban Inuit population or in fact, the Indigenous population at large. 

It is disheartening to see any serious conversations or acknowledgment related to Indigenous issues in Ontario from any of the political parties.  There was optimism as Canada and the provinces created and supported a pathway to true reconciliation with Indigenous peoples through the creation of a National Day of Truth and Reconciliation.  We are concerned with the absence of commitment related to Indigenous-specific issues that are critical in creating safe and equitable access to programs and support. 

With this newly elected government, TI remains optimistic that through our existing relationships with the Ontario Progressive Conservative Partythat the growing population of urban Inuit will be supported and provided opportunity to thrive in urban Ontario.  Ontario continues to experience a boom in the number of Inuit relocating to the province and the needs of TI to provide Inuit-specific programming are seeing the highest demand in our 35-year history. 

TI continues to deliver Inuit-specific programming that will provide the greatest benefit to the urban Inuit community in the areas of food security, violence against women, housing and homelessness, human trafficking, employment, and family well-being.

We look forward to working with the Progressive Conservative Party and building towards a strong future for the growing population of urban Inuit in Ontario.