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    Native Rights And Forests Chewed Into Dust

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    UBC Aboriginal MD Program Hits Landmark Year

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    Siksika Hockey Player Plays In The National Telus Cup

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    Academy Prepares Native Students for Careers in Law Enforcement



Defending Mother Earth: A Blue Print For All Life Species in North America

by Dr. John Bacher and Danny Beaton, Turtle Clan Mohawk [www.dannybeaton.ca] On June 17th, 2015 Dr. Reed Noss, Professor of Conservation… Read more »

Native Rights And Forests Chewed Into Dust

I was moved to hear in the longhouse of the Six Nations Confederacy an effort by the revered Cayuga environmentalist,… Read more »

Rachel Notley And Alberta’s NDP Win Election In Historic Landslide

After 44 years of Progressive Conservative Alberta governments, the NDP’s charismatic Rachel Notley made history by winning May 5th’s provincial… Read more »

APTN Hosts 2015 Aboriginal Day Celebrations In Edmonton and Winnipeg

Each year, APTN travels to a new city to celebrate National Aboriginal Day with the residents of the region and… Read more »

Siksika Hockey Player Plays In The National Telus Cup

For the first time in their team’s history, the Strathmore UFA Bisons are headed to the Telus Nationals Midget Triple… Read more »

Blake Leggette And Victoria Henneberry Plead Guilty In Loretta Saunders’ Murder

Loretta Saunders was murdered February 2014. Her body was found near Salisbury, New Brunswick. The motive was unclear at the… Read more »

Toxic Fuel Spill in Vancouver’s English Bay

The city of Vancouver and the surrounding waters of English Bay, Burrard Inlet, and the Straight of Georgia are on… Read more »