Bee in the Bonnet: Spring Is A Feeling Not A Season

By Bernie Bates

Take a deep breath, feel the warmth of the spring sun on your back. Walk an old forgotten path and reminisce of summers past. These days when the sun lingers just a little longer at your step, take the time to enjoy the birth of another year.

When time meant nothing to this old man, who now stands in my shoes. I once rode the winds at my whim. I cared not of things like spring. I didn’t notice the blades of grass as they grew beneath my feet. I was young and cared not of these simple pleasures as I strolled the pastures of summers past.

But now age has taught me to put my face to the wind and listen for an old familiar friend. The sound of a young bird as he calls out to love. These are things that age has taught this old bull, who now walks just a little slower.

Wander and behold natures gifts, take time to ponder what the horizon has in store for you and yours. Rustle from your winters cover, stretch and spread your wings. Don’t waste another moment of this wondrous, splendid spring.

Even with eyes closed the nose knows. A whiff can transport me back to my days as a boy. When old men would burn the dead fields to make way for the new. Right to this very day a breeze can freeze time in the mind of this weathered man-child.

Beloved memories come flooding back – pictures flicker, children’s chatter – I’m home once again. Long before I became this man, back to a time when I held my mother’s hand. When I was safe and life was free, long before spring meant anything to me.

Stop and smell the flowers is a wonderful sentiment indeed, but the true empowerment begins in spring. When night’s cool breath still lingers, yet tiny green shoots reach skyward to embrace the promise of better days. This is what inspires me. Long before the flowers wave in all their glory let’s not forget their hard earned fight for life itself.

Not many days have past since winter’s grip held us fast and close to the home fires. When our days were just different shades of gray. Now, when luck deems, we see glimpses of blue then a radiant ray of hope lays claim to the frozen lands. This is the time to dig in brown earth with both hands.

Rake away the last dead leaves, clean away what winter has left behind and prepare your world for a fresh new start. Hold soil in your hands, till the earth, turn away from the gloom and prepare your little corner of this world. It’s at hand the promise we’ve waited for like a child on christmas morn.

Rejoice and revel in the light. Old feelings will come and call your name, “it’s time to move on.” Gather close those you hold dear. Reconnect with friends both young and old whether near or far. I promise you this your heart will fill with such a joy that you haven’t felt since you opened a brand new shinny toy. Go ahead call out to someone now – I’m sure they’ll feel the same way – it’s a funny thing this thing we call spring.

All too soon the sun will have had it’s way and burn the flowers that once fluttered in the winds of spring. Hot and dry will be the call of the day. When the shine has left the new shoes and all that remains is dull and worn. I beg you to stop now, breath and behold the unfolding scape. Please, I beg you, before it’s too late. Look now for new signs of life at every turn and enjoy them to the utmost, my loves.

The clock is ticking and it’s bringing a new beginning, so my friends don’t hesitate. Grab the hand of loved one or two and walk. Chatter will fill in the spaces between your steps and before you know it you’ll be standing on a new horizon. Enjoy the view, embrace this day it will never be the same – never, ever again.

This thing, this feeling we call spring.