Tiga Talk! Aboriginal Language TV Show Returns With New Tools For Teaching

Irene Green plays ‘Kokum’ and is also the co-creator of Tiga Talk! Kate-La Faith Hanuse
plays ‘Jodie’ in Tiga Talk!

Tiga Talk! is a unique television series on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) that entertains kids while teaching both Aboriginal and English language skills during the very formative childhood years (age 3-6). Aboriginal languages are being lost across Canada, and Tiga Talk! was created to help teach language, build confidence, and instill imagination in young minds. Tiga Talk! was developed by an early-childhood educator, a speech pathologist, and an award-winning children’s television producer.

The show is a gentle, entertaining series that has fun exploring languages and culture. It combines live action with a magic puppet world, and features music and imaginary play. Three stuffed toys—Tiga the wolf cub, Gertie the gopher, and Gavin the goose—live with human friends Jodie and Jason, their father, and Kokum (“grandmother” in Cree). Jodie and Jason have a secret. When the adults are gone, their stuffed toys come alive as talking puppets! Through their interactions and adventures, the puppets and kids learn about traditional practices and languages of various Aboriginal cultures in imaginative ways.

This year, well-known Aboriginal singer/songwriter Art Napoleon joins the cast as the Dad, further enhancing his already dynamic and varied career. Season 3 also includes a brand new segment called “Get Moving” that encourages kids to follow along and exercise to a song performed by the puppets. After the show, kids and parents can visit the interactive Tiga Talk! website [www.tigatalk.com] or use the iPhone mobile application (available at the iTunes Store) and experience more opportunities for learning through crafts, games, and videos.

Tiga Talk! not only captivates and entertains its preschool audience, but also creates an ear for Aboriginal language and encourages an excitement for learning about traditions and culture during those very important early years. Look for episodes of Tiga Talk! Season 3 on Thursday mornings on APTN (check local listings for time).