Let’s Rock and Roll


For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This theory also applies to human interactions. I like to think of us as little asteroids floating along bumping, grinding, rocking and rolling.

You just never know who you are going to bump into. It could be a happy happenstance or an Earth shattering occurrence.

Some asteroids are fast, some are bigger and some are hot. But we’re all basically heading in the same direction.

Imagine that even a small nudge, in the form of a small smile, could make a world of difference. Your smile or frown could make or break someone’s day.

From that moment on that person heads off in a different trajectory – and who knows who they’ll interject with.

Envision that one day you cross paths with someone who’s in a cross mood. Your smile and kind eyes could change that person’s attitude.

Somewhere in the future – in this scenario – that person stops and allows a small child to cross the street safely. Then that same little girl grows up and invents a Viagra for women. And in doing so, she will pass along many happy endings.

And it could have all started with your smile.

I think you’re smiling right now.

Young asteroids tend to bump into a lot of hot asteroids on their journey. Then one day they bump into that special rock and they begin to orbit together. Soon after that they begin to have little pebbles as they glide through life.

Some asteroids gather huge swarms around them until they become as big as planets. These lucky duckies have bonds that will last them a lifetime and in some cases they are admired for an eternity.

While other asteroids will change their trajectory by as little as a millionth of a degree – but over time they just drift away.

Coming together like red hot shooting stars and giving off sparks is lots of fun, but you have to look at the big picture.

Ask yourself this; how am I effecting this other person? A more important question might be, where am I going?

A young man walked up to me in the bar, he explained that he was celebrating his thirtieth birthday. Then he asked me, as an older man, what would I do differently, if I had to start over again at thirty?

I told him to live for himself – and if by chance some heavenly body comes along for the ride – then all the better.

Ain’t love great in the grand scheme of things?

But for every up there is a down.

I dislike feeling down and people who are downers; you know these poop disturbing, balloon popping, nose pickers. It would seem that every office, organization and government posting is issued one.

So if by chance you’re feeling a little too good about your self, try getting a straight answer to one of society’s many problems.

Get in touch with any level of public authority and ask them the five ‘W’ s (what, where, when, why and who) about whatever bee is in your bonnet.

I guarantee you’ll get 1-800 – numbers and the five ‘I’ s. Ignore, implicate, idiocy, impunity and “I didn’t do it!”

Speaking of ‘I’s. I hope this bit of wit has changed you for the better. I hope you pass along a smile, a grin or maybe you could let a child cross the road safely.