Unless you live under a rock or maybe it’s just anal thinking that is stopping you from realizing we are becoming Americans.

Maybe more accurately: Americanized.

O Canadians, from far and wide, are a proud bunch. We enjoy free health care (when we can get it), an abundance of natural resources and a rich ethnic diversity that co-exist in a peaceful manner.

Canucks are basically a happy lot who buy a house lot and are content with their lot in life. Ninety-nine percent of Canadians are descent, carefree and almost pompously polite.

Canadians have a great reputation around the world. We’re kind of looked upon as being the peace loving kid in the global schoolyard. But don’t mess the Canuck kid, he has a very big brother.

You know it. I know it. The whole damned planet knows we’re apart of the United States of America – whether we sing it out loud or not.

As they say: “when the USA sneezes we catch a cold.”
Ah, ah, choo!

Want proof of our Americanization? Do your own grass-roots pole. Ask ten people at random to name the president of the United States and his predecessor? Then ask them that same question regarding our Canadian prime ministers.

Your results will be sad, and prove that we’ve become ‘North’ Americans.

Our top singers, actors, syrup and Pamela Anderson’s flow south to further their careers and become famous.

If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. And as an added bonus, you can come back to Canada and shoot your movies much cheaper – because of generous tax incentives.

Oh, Canada!

Canadians are a generous people, too. We pay more for products as soon as they cross the forty-ninth parallel. Magazines, cars and even a Canadian flag costs more in our home and native land.

With the Christmas shopping spree just around the corner – price, matters.

I’d say, “buy Canadian”, but that would work about as well as: “Just say no!” or “Stop playing with that son, you’ll go blind!”

With a gloomy economy and costs that will rise as sure as the sun, it’s a good thing that we’re chin up, optimistic Canadians – in all our sons command..

With glowing hearts we see thee prices rise in the true north strong and not so free trade agreements. Every time I see the two prices on a magazine, it feels as blatant as a slap in the face. The other thing that come to mind is the childhood taunt: Nah, nana, nah, nah you paid more.

The border between The US and O Canada is the longest unprotected border in the world. It also has other notable customs. For instance the gun culture in the United States. As soon as you cross into the US, it would be wise not to tell a little old lady from Pasadena, “Go suck an egg, eh!” You just might wind up picking shell fragments out of your butt. Eh?

Another strange and odd thing about our American cousins is how they see us. I don’t know how many misconstrued stories I’ve heard about the way our neighbors to the south see us.

Here are a few misconceptions they make about Canada: There is snow as soon as you cross the forty-ninth parallel (so pack a parka). All Canadian police are modeled after the cartoon Dudley-Do-Right, and that the rest of us loggers have heavy accents, eh!

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee!