The reason that communist Russians are back is because their backs are against the wall.

Ironic, wouldn’t you say?

Is the Ukraine going to be the birth place of world war III?

I think we’re way past due for a big one, anyways. Our history will repeats itself, that’s just a fact of human nature. If you ask me it’s all just one big pissing contest.

Most of us lucky Canucks live in sleepy, peaceful Lalaland – we don’t know the sounds of war – one day we may wake up to a loud bang.

If there was to be another world war – look where Canada is situated on the globe. We’re right between the two biggest dogs on the planet – that bits the big one, eh?

It may not happen today or even next year, but the hammer (and sickle) is coming down.

Good old communism was supposed to be a glorious; all for one and one for all. But it would seem that party is over. It also seems that the motherland wants to expand her family even if it means crawling into bed with sleazy, greasy bad guys.

As we all know it’s not about boundaries or lines in the sands of Israel. It’s about money, and money makes fools of some and dictators of others. The one common denominator, throughout history, has been, and always will be, corruption.

The real answer to war is a question: who benefits?

Land is worth money, natural recourses and even people are worth money. If you can control the people and make them do your bidding – wars are worth big bucks.

It’s not only the Russians who are guilty of expansionism. England has her colonies, eh? The Yankees stole half of Mexico, the Spaniards raped South America – how far back does this pattern repeat itself – yet here we are on the brink of another fiery hell.


One day after passing a car accident, I asked myself, why did this fender-bender happen? Did the person turn at the wrong time? Was speed a factor, maybe there was a loose nut on the steering wheel or maybe it simply came down to IQ?

The list of factors goes on and on.

If one of the drivers had only enjoyed a second cup of coffee, a longer goodbye kiss or maybe even a quick muffin – all this broken glass, cops and ICBC could have been avoided.

The point is, when it comes to the equation of war, there are always many factors.

Who fired the first shot? Who was shot, how many were shot, why were they shot and where?

If this was a poker game, and Mr. Putin was pushing all his chips in – he’s either not dealing with a full deck or he’s bluffing – knowing full well no one has the economy to call his bold move.

The wild card is; all it will take is for some rogue nation to flinch, twitch and with the push of a nuclear button we could all be bombed, busted and broke, by dawn’s early light.

Speaking in terms of high stakes gambling; who else is in the game, and what are they holding? Could China chime in? Maybe Muhammad bids a mountain of cash and we fold?

Are you a betting man or woman? Do you think Putin will pull the trigger?

Are you willing to bet your bottom?


Bernie Bates is a writer and an artist Email him at: