Rosseau Lake College

Are you concerned abut your child’s education? It has been proven young people learn best when they feel confident about the learning process, develop strong connections with teachers and peers, and believe their effort has real world value. An unstable learning environment, large classes, and less time with teachers will inhibit the success of students. There is an option. At Rosseau Lake College, we are transitioning our academic program to be engaging, student-centred, and personalized to illicit deeper learning. We call it Future Forward. Add to this approach our 48th year history of a strong community and small classes where every student is known and cared for, and you have a formula that will nurture and develop the best in your child.

Rosseau Lake

A strong school cannot exist without a robust and meaningful educational program that meets the needs of both new and future students. After two years of research, consultation with the community, and planning, I am proud to introduce to you Future Forward. The cornerstone of the RLC experience has always been the close-knit inclusive community set in a truly beautiful and natural setting. On the shores of one Muskika’s most beautiful lakes, Rosseau Lake College’s natural surroundings educate and inspire. The college’s commitment has always been and remains dedicated to providing students a “Best of Self” education that includes the teaching of leadership skills, while building within students confidence, competence and character. These values remain consistent, but how we define these values must be harmonious with the world our students will soon enter.

The Future Forward program will help RLC redefine the competence value to meet the demands of tomorrow with a focus on relevant skills, knowledge, attributes, and credentials that will put our students at the forefront as candidates for the programs and careers they seek. Over 95% of RLC graduates receive offers of admission from the university’s or colleges of their choice. As a university preparatory school, a challenging academic curriculum is a given. RLC teaches at the academic level necessary for university admission in Canada and many other countries around the world. With small classes, individualized attention, and a qualified caring staff (many of whom live on campus), students receive the guidance and direction they need to continue on the path of success.

Students feel connected to their mentors and to each other. Teachers are truly dedicated to their students success, and their help makes it easier for students to excel. Structures and routines help foster organizational and study skills, and students discover just how much fun it is to do well and take ownership of their success.

Competition for placement in post-secondary programs, and beyond this in the workforce, has never been greater. At their age, few of us had to ask, “Will I get a job?” But today, so many young people do. With Future Forward, RLC students will be able to ask different questions and have the skills and confidence to answer them.