Jobs at the Vancouver Police Department

The Vancouver Police Department is actively hiring for the position of Special Municipal Constable. In this role, you can work as a Community Safety Personnel member, as a Jail Guard, or as Traffic Authority member.  Special Municipal Constables are appointed under the Police Act; they have restricted peace officer status and perform specific authorized duties, but are not police officers.

These positions offer flexible work schedules with a competitive salary. Once hired, you join an auxiliary employee list where the schedule is based on your availability and staffing needs.  A part-time auxiliary position can become full-time, dependent on availability, qualifications, and performance. Additionally, some people may be trained for more than one position, depending on the current staffing needs

These positions are challenging and will help you improve your communication skills, your problem-solving abilities, and allow you to gain valuable police-related work experience. This can help prepare you for future careers within the criminal justice system and increase your competitiveness as an applicant.  Many VPD officers began their careers as a Special Municipal Constable. For some it was a chance to mature and gain more life and work experience, while for others it was a great employment opportunity while going to college or university. It can also become a lifelong career.



Community Safety Personnel

Community Safety Personnel are distinct and separate from regular police members, and are a unique element of the police department. They provide a visible presence in the community and serve the citizens, businesses, and visitors of Vancouver. The primary purpose of Community Safety Personnel is to assist the Vancouver Police Department and enhance service delivery in the community by:

•      responding to lower-level, lower-risk tasks, to alleviate regular police officers, thereby providing officers with an increased capacity to serve the community

•      patrolling neighbourhoods, attending public events, and providing a visible presence to the community, which promotes safety and security

•      acting as a liaison between regular police officers and the community, as appropriate, to ensure the Vancouver Police Department continues to effectively serve citizens in Vancouver

Community Safety Personnel assist patrol officers in their daily functions by doing various tasks, such as picking up statements, providing outside perimeter security at police incidents, and assisting with the transportation and tagging of property. They also provide logistical support during large-scale deployments, major events, emergencies, or disasters.



Jail Guard

The Vancouver Jail is located adjacent the Provincial Courthouse at Main Street and East Cordova. It is a challenging work environment – on any shift you may deal with everything from intoxicated persons to those arrested for having committed the most serious of criminal offences.  A Jail Guard provides security and control in the jail, and the duties include, but are not limited to:

•      searching all prisoners upon arrival

•      obtaining fingerprints, photographs, and information of prisoners, and booking them into and out of the Vancouver Jail

•      monitoring and assessing prisoner behaviour while in cells, restraining aggressive or violent individuals, responding to emergencies within the jail, and attending to overall prisoner welfare

•      controlling the movement of prisoners within the cell areas and escorting them to the detention units

•      serving court documents on prisoners and completing all necessary forms and reports.



Traffic Authority

Traffic Authority Members serve with dedication and commitment, upholding the professionalism and standards of the Vancouver Police Department.  They perform specific authorized duties, primarily directing vehicle and pedestrian traffic at public, private, and community events. Member work outdoors in all weather conditions and are often called upon to work at large events like concerts, sporting events, and the annual Celebration of Light fireworks festival.

The nature of the work means a lot of time on their feet and working around vehicle and pedestrian traffic. The position appeals to those who are only interested in part-time auxiliary employment. There are no set hours for shifts – it’s based on your own availability, which you can base around your own work or school schedule.

Applicants selected for a Special Municipal Constable position will complete a formal paid training program that occurs on evenings and weekends at the Vancouver Police Department – 100% attendance is mandatory. The training includes, but is not limited to:

•      legal studies

•      use of force

•      radio procedure

•      policy and procedures

•      traffic intersection control

•      on the job practical training

Upon successful completion of training program, you will be sworn in as a Special Municipal Constable, eligible to begin working shifts. Starting wages range from $22.00 to 24.49 per hour, depending on the position.