Would you be the sharpest tool in the shed without your iphone education? How would you fare if you were thrust into a pointed conversation with a quick wit? What if you where in jeopardy – can you say: What is a deer in the headlights? Mr. Trebek

At this time of year the school system spits out another crop of peons with high hopes and delusions of grandeur. My most ardent wish to them is that disappointment doesn’t break you down

Just like any other crop there are those who will grow to heights that most of us can only dream of – like a lottery ticket. For some of your classmates luck plays a big part in their success. Lucky things like a stable environment with mom at home, dad bringing home plenty of bacon and 2.5 children who whine if they don’t get their Bling

I threw in the street word bling to make a point; when you, the graduating class of 2018 are out there in real life situations you’ll encounter surprises. Imagine you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time with 81 street wise gentlemen, and nothing to defend yourself with except a rolled up diploma – surprise

Unless you can run faster than a stolen car, you’d better have the ability to adjust. In this case the gift of gab will either get you in or in trouble

The point I’m trying to bestow upon those who think that they know it all, is that when push comes to shove, you don’t know Jack Sheet

Jack Sheet is a well rounded person. He has shaken hands with those who shook the world, drank wine from a poor man’s cup and climbed a mountain, just to fall down the other side. Yet he stood up, cleaned himself off and is now writing columns for those willing to publish his rants

I suffer from dyslexia, although not to the extent it was when I attended school, then one day, by sheer luck I bought a pair of amber colored sunglasses. The amber tinted plastic permitted my mind to overcome the affliction, and it opened a whole new world to me. For the first time in my life the letters stopped changing; a ‘W’ wasn’t ‘M’, a ‘B’ wasn’t the number thirteen etc.

At the time I was thirty-five years old with a grade seven education at best.

So if anyone knows the value of an education it’s this columnist. I’m pleading with future fools, who think they can Google their way through school and life; please put the phone down and observe, absorb and then teach future fools. Hopefully one day we’ll stop electing them

Another point I’d like to make is that I felt like a fool for not knowing how to read. I felt stupid when people would utter words that I didn’t know. Even today my ability to read is still a labored act; but I still thirst for another drink from that well of knowledge

Now back to the crop metaphor: all of you 2018 wiz-kids will become part of feeding pyramid we call society. Sadly in this garden there will be criminal weeds and stupid hay-seeds, but the majority of you will succeed in life; buy a house and have 2.5 kids

My final point Poindexters is that money can’t buy soul.


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