"It's about time we had the talk" artwork

The #METOO movement is a watershed moment in man/womankind’s history; so I think it’s about time we had ‘the talk’ about sex.

We all have mothers, so let’s start there. She cared for you, feed you and kissed your boo boos. She suffered through your terrible two’s, your rebellious teen years and now it’s time to repay her by showing respect to mommy’s gender.

Some of you gentlemen also have sisters, girlfriends or wives, whom you love; now imagine some jerk disrespecting them or worse yet brutalizing them.

How would you feel?

Now imagine how you would feel if someone bigger and stronger smacked you around or bullied you? Imagine if your tormenter was in a position of power, like a boss or a trusted and respected member of the community?

How would you feel if you told the truth and no one believed you?

Having a black eye as proof is one thing but what if you were verbally abused? A black eye will heal but emotional scars can last a lifetime. They are hard to prove, and more importantly how can you kiss these boo boos all better?

Words hurt and can cut as deep as a blade.

If you’re told over and over that you are worthless; you may come to believe that you are useless and unworthy. You may even start to act the part of a pitiful peon.

Abuse can change a person’s personality it can make a once vibrant little girl into a timid woman.

We all argue and have disagreements we all raise our voices, but constantly screaming and demeaning someone has the same effect as kicking a dog. Over time the poor thing will cower whenever you go near it, but if you love that animal and show it kindness that beautiful creature will give you unconditional love and loyalty; until death do you part.

Sorry, ladies for the analogy and terminology.

It’s not only men that I’m addressing, but women too must stand tall and bare their claws. One day gender equality can be reached, but it will take both sexes to give and take.

Women will have to speak up and stand up for themselves and not be doormats and men must learn that might doesn’t make right.

Communication is the key word. Speak in a calm non-condescending manner, don’t use that high pitched tone, and remember that being the loudest one doesn’t make you the winner.

Besides, barking at one another isn’t civilized, especially in today’s boastful and boisterous political climate. It makes me ask myself, just how civilized is civilization, when world leaders feel free to feel up women and could care less about sexual harassment?

Being a man, I understand that men will rut and sometimes act like pigs, and that women will sashay and strut. I know down to my core that women and men are like a magnet; Made out of the same material with two polls – and nigh the pair shall ever meet.

Society may strive for equality, but the best I think we can do is just be happy to exist together.

To be fair, it’s not only the fairer sex that can be brow-beaten, nagged or even sexually mistreated.

Some of you are grinning at the thought of a man turning down sex, but it happens (no pun intended).



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