New Executive Director to Take the Lead at Grand Council Treaty #3

Kenora, ON — Samuel Tanyi-Mbianyor, a seasoned manager and top executive officer has accepted the Executive Director position for the Grand Council Treaty #3 Secretariat.  Samuel Tanyi-Mbianyor emigrated to Canada in 2008 from his home community of Cameroon, Central Africa seeking a better life for his family and to further his education and experience working in the human rights sector where he has worked for a large portion of his life. 

“I am grateful that I get the opportunity to work with the Indigenous People of Canada and specifically the First Nations here in Grand Council Treaty #3 territory,” Samuel said.

“There is a lot of positive work that has been done but there is still much more to do in terms of land and Treaty rights, language preservation, climate protection, building government partnerships and improving the overall living standards for everyone residing in Treaty #3 territory.” 

“The values of the Anishinaabe people of Treaty #3 are very similar to those of the Indigenous people of the Southwest and Northwest Regions of Cameroon from where I was born especially when it comes to the reverence they pay to their lands, waters, elders, knowledge keepers, ancestry, and history in general,” Samuel said.

“These and more were my primary attraction to work for Treaty #3. For the two months I have been at the Grand Council Treaty #3, I do not only feel like this is what I had always wanted to do, but I know I am at home.”    

The Grand Council Treaty #3 Executive Director is the face of the organization, working closely with the Board of Directors, First Nation leadership and citizens of the Anishinaabe Nation. They will ensure that staff members are aligned with the Nation’s mission and vision and that are working together to successfully achieve strategic objectives.

Grand Council Treaty #3 places a high priority on communication, recognition, collaboration, culture and positive leadership.