Although the majority of university courses are online, ENGAP has offered their Summer Orientation for new students and current upgrading courses IN PERSON! This has been a challenge for both staff and students given that the university itself is largely shut down.

The dedication to teaching and learning has been demonstrated here. With the support of in-person instruction, the new students are acclimated to the difficult subjects of Physics, Math and Chemistry. The rest of the ENGAP students have transitioned to online courses and the ENGAP staff are online as well…still supporting them every step of the way. Even though the academic and social terrain of university has changed dramatically this year, the community of ENGAP still abounds! What is ENGAP? The Engineering Access Program (ENGAP) is a welcoming hub of Indigenous students (Métis, First Nation and Inuit) studying to become engineers in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Manitoba. ENGAP offers upgrading courses in Math, Physics, Chemistry and Intro to Computer Programming, in case your grades are not yet competitive enough to get you directly into first year classes. We offer academic, personal and community supports that create a warm and friendly home away from home to help you succeed. Our Academic Advisor is there to assist students with course planning, arranging free tutoring and registration support

Once you complete your first year of required courses, you can specialize in Civil, Electrical, Computer, Mechanical or Biosystems Engineering. The Co-op program offers work terms in the engineering industry to facilitate your career path moving forward. ENGAP has an inviting lounge where students can study together, use a kitchen and participate in industry run lunch information sessions. Located close by the lounge is our computer lab and printer. Our scholarship and bursary initiative has tremendous financial support from organizations such as Manitoba Aerospace, Lafarge, Price Industries, Vector Construction, Urban Systems, Manitoba Hydro, Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba and Hatch Ltd., to name just a few. These companies generously provide much needed scholarships and bursaries to qualifying ENGAP students.

Applications for ENGAP can be found at www.engap.com and are due: May 1st