CBC Podcast: Telling Our Twisted Histories

Host Kaniehti:io Horn


On May 31, 2021 CBC announced the launch of Telling Our Twisted Histories, an 11-episode podcast series that reclaims Indigenous history by exploring 11 words whose meanings have been twisted by centuries of colonization. 

Throughout these 11 episodes the host, Kaniehti:io Horn, will guide listeners through conversations with more than 70 people from 15 Indigenous communities whose lands now make up Quebec, New Brunswick and Labrador. Telling Our Twisted Histories is available now, wherever you listen to podcasts, with new weekly episodes until August 2.

“Savage. Reserve. Indian Time. Words connect us, but also have the power to wound, erase and replace us,” says Kaniehti:io Horn. “As Indigenous people, we are used to our stories getting a little twisted. This podcast is all about exploring some of these words, with humour and truth, so that we all better understand how they impact us to this day.” Kaniehti:io Horn is a Canadian actor from Kahnawake, the Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) reserve outside of Montreal. Telling Our Twisted Histories was directed by award-winning journalist Ossie Michelin, an Inuk from North West River, Labrador. The podcast is a CBC co-production in association with Terre Innue, based on an original concept by Karine Lanoie-Brien and produced by Francine Allaire and Élodie Pollet. An award-winning French-version of this podcast, Laissez-nous raconter : L’histoire crochie, was released by Radio-Canada in June 2020.